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PMG Meetings

Project Management Group meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, at 1pm CT in the Black Hole meeting room (WH2NW). Presentation materials are posted in the MicroBooNE DocDB, private access user-name is reviewer, password on request. From the DocDB home page, select Calendar, and on the Calendar click on PMG in the appropriate day box to bring up the meeting's Event Page. The Event Page holds the agenda with links to presentations.

Click here for PMG remote call-in information.

OPMO working group meetings were held prior to the establishment of PMG meetings, and this MicroBooNE OPMO Meetings Page holds links to them.


Critical Decisions

Signed documents marking the approvals at each CD stage are collected on the Critical Decisions page.

Project Reviews

Project web pages for Director's Reviews and DOE reviews are listed and linked in the sidebar. Password access to these pages is necessary, user-name is reviewer, password on request.

Internal Design Reviews

Internal reviews were conducted during the design phase, ending with pre-production reviews of final designs. All materials from these reviews are in the MicroBooNE DocDB, tagged with the DocDB Topic of Internal Reviews.

Project and Collaboration Organization