Welcome to the MicroBooNE at Work web page. Note that the pages below require authentication. If you are not a member of the MicroBooNE collaboration, please visit our public website.

At Work Now

  • The Getting Started Page holds links to help find your way around Fermilab services and prepare for working on the experiment.
  • The MicroBooNE Contact List contains contact information for collaboration members.
  • The MicroBooNE Expert Call List contains contact information of experts.
  • The Working Groups Page is a portal to these sub-sites.
  • The Operations Page is a portal to the running detector.
  • The MicroBooNE docdb is an archive of all meeting presentations, technical notes, and other documents on MicroBooNE.
  • The Meetings Page lists the current regular meeting time slots, the collaboration meeting dates with links to the docdb for past collaboration meetings, and shows a google calendar which collects an overview of scheduled meetings.
  • There is also a docdb Calendar which provides links to the presentations given at specific meetings.
  • MicroBooNE promotes a collaborative, professional, respectful, and inclusive work environment that recognizes the value inherent in the diversity of our members, following the principles and values outlined in the Fermilab Statement of Community Standards and the MicroBooNE Code of Conduct. For information on reporting code of conduct issues, please see the Reporting Concerns section below.

Analyses Timelines, Publications and Future Talks

  • The Publications Page lists the past publications and preprints.
  • The Analyses in Review Page lists the analyses currently in the final review process, with links to the NOTE/PAPER DRAFTS.
  • The Future Talks Timeline Page lists timelines for future presentation opportunities. Also shows the review process for analyses and the required times and documentations. With a list of conferences and deadlines.
  • The Future Talks Page lists upcoming presentation opportunities.

Presentations, Talks and Plots

  • The Future Talks Page lists upcoming presentation opportunities.
  • Go to the Public Web Page to see a list of MicroBooNE presentations given at various venues.
  • Question and Answer page of frequently asked questions to MicroBooNE speakers.
  • For a list of public plots please go to the Approved Plots Page.
  • Instructions on how to upload plots to the Approved Plots Page are available here.
  • MicroBooNE presentations at proton PMGs (post 2018). The AEM talks page contains the MicroBooNE's reports presented weekly at Fermilab's All Experimenter Meetings (pre 2018).

Documentation At Work

  • DocDB
    • DocDB Internal - username and password required for access to all internal documents
    • See the DocDB Primer to become aquainted with this web-based documents database system.
  • The Technotes Page lists technical writeups stored in the DocDB
  • The Governance Page provides internal information on how the collaboration agrees to run itself
  • For historical purposes, this is the old Internal Plots Page, which provides an internal index to plots under review and approved.

Reporting Concerns

  • Collaborators can always directly reach out to the Spokespersons, MicroBooNE Young, and FSPA members.
  • Fermilab Concerns Reporting System: Integrity Counts
    • Additional channel for FRA employees, Fermilab users and subcontractors to report concerns about safety or health standards, standards of conduct, legal or ethical lapses, environmental issues, security, quality, management, or concerns regarding equity, diversity and inclusion. Concerns can be reported anonymously.
  • UEC feedback form for general concerns about work in the lab or staying in the Village
    • If reporting anonymously, track the progress of your feedback here. Note: you must be on the Fermilab wireless network or use the Fermilab vpn to access this site.
  • A comprehensive list of reporting channels is also available on the Office of General Counsel website. Note: you must be on the Fermilab wireless network or use the Fermilab vpn to access this site.