Welcome to the MicroBooNE at Work web page. Note that the pages below require authentication. If you are not a member of the MicroBooNE collaboration, please visit our public website.

At Work Now

  • The Getting Started Page holds links to help find your way around Fermilab services and prepare for working on the experiment.
  • The MicroBooNE Contact List contains contact information for collaboration members.
  • The MicroBooNE Expert Call List contains contact information of experts.
  • The Working Groups Page is a portal to these sub-sites.
  • The Operations Page is a portal to the running detector.
  • The MicroBooNE docdb is an archive of all meeting presentations, technical notes, and other documents on MicroBooNE.
  • The Meetings Page lists the current regular meeting time slots, the collaboration meeting dates with links to the docdb for past collaboration meetings, and shows a google calendar which collects an overview of scheduled meetings.
  • There is also a docdb Calendar which provides links to the presentations given at specific meetings.

Analyses Timelines, Publications and Future Talks

  • The Publications Page lists the past publications and preprints.
  • The Analyses in Review Page lists the analyses currently in the final review process, with links to the NOTE/PAPER DRAFTS.
  • The Future Talks Timeline Page lists timelines for future presentation opportunities. Also shows the review process for analyses and the required times and documentations. With a list of conferences and deadlines.
  • The Future Talks Page lists upcoming presentation opportunities.

Presentations, Talks and Plots

  • The Future Talks Page lists upcoming presentation opportunities.
  • Go to the Public Web Page to see a list of MicroBooNE presentations given at various venues.
  • Question and Answer page of frequently asked questions to MicroBooNE speakers.
  • For a list of public plots please go to the Approved Plots Page.
  • Instructions on how to upload plots to the Approved Plots Page are available here.
  • MicroBooNE presentations at proton PMGs (post 2018). The AEM talks page contains the MicroBooNE's reports presented weekly at Fermilab's All Experimenter Meetings (pre 2018).

Documentation At Work

  • DocDB
    • DocDB Internal - username and password required for access to all internal documents
    • See the DocDB Primer to become aquainted with this web-based documents database system.
  • The Technotes Page lists technical writeups stored in the DocDB
  • The Governance Page provides internal information on how the collaboration agrees to run itself
  • For historical purposes, this is the old Internal Plots Page, which provides an internal index to plots under review and approved.